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operating system

The operating system is the software platform on which your computer, tablet, smartphone or any other electronic device works. It’s a complex system involving installer drivers, registry files and other executable and bootable applications and commands.

Because of the vastness of the files and embedded applications, there is a scope for a large number of issues and errors to creep up. These obstacles, depending on the severity of the problem, can lead to various problems related to launching of applications, execution or data security.

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Our technicians who specialize in all versions of windows launched and are also fluent with troubleshooting errors encountered on tablets and smartphones (IOS /Android/ Blackberry/ Windows Mango/ Symbian) the highest levels of resolution rates and saved several customers from computer crash, data loss and operating system failures. Our comprehensive support module enables you to be in complete control from the installation, to launching and hassle free and quick execution of any application that you use on your operating system. Moreover we also have custom made advices based on your personal, unique need and tasks you perform on your specific electronic device(s).

Kavya Internet Services Provides you comprehensive support for Microsoft Windows and Modern Operating Systems (IOS/ Android/ Blackberry/ Windows Mango/ Symbian) including:

Services Offered:

  • Complete Software support for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT4.0/Me/XP/Vista/Seven and Modern Operating Systems (IOS/ Android/ Blackberry/ Windows Mango/ Symbian).t
  • Install, up gradation and Windows clean up.
  • Installing and configuring required drivers for the hardware components.
  • Installing and configuring operating system essential updates.
  • Repairing and fixing Boot Issue
  • Setting up a Network and Configuring wired or wireless network.
  • Repairing and fixing registry errors.
  • Installing, configuring and uninstalling any software or applications.
  • Comprehensive support for more than 500 Applications / Software’s