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Data Backup

Many a times, after computer crashes, we face problems trying to restore the data that we had on computers. Most often than not, the hard disk gets corrupted and we end up losing all or most of the data that is crucial to our social or professional needs. Imagine having lost old pictures, songs, emails or important office documents that you had stored on your computer! It’s a painstaking process to retrieve the data that you had and may also cost you enormous amounts of money. Even then, there is no guarantee that you would be able to recover all or any data lost due to computer crash.

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Why Us – Who We Are

Kavya Internet Services simplifies your life by offering you data protection services that helps you create, restore points,have data backup online, save data on external hard drive or create back up in cloud drives on the internet. Our Microsoft or Cisco certified specialize in helping you back up your personal data and applications and also in retrieval in case of a system crash.

Kavya Internet Services offers you a wonderful support for all your tech gadgets. Our Certified Technicians are committed to fix any issue at the earliest.

Kavya Internet Services strictly employees the most skilled technicians in the industry certified by Microsoft and Cisco systems. We follow highest corporate standards and continuously strive towards providing excellent customer experience.

Be it, “How To” related issues or complex blue screen errors, Kavya Internet Services offers the best technical solutions in the industry. We have dedicated technicians for common and rare computer errors. Our Specialist are able to not only keep you secure from virus and other computer infections but also help you configure and extend support to peripherals attached to them.